Hair is very important from head to toe chick turned fashion
There are many beautiful scarves to wear law can be tied on the bag or when the hair is very elegant and also very popular this year.

Cute little pearl card is better kind of wild hair, white hair with the basic clothing of any color are suitable.

Bow hair with a lovely dress, dating equipment.

Mesh-style wide-hair long-haired girls with a more suitable, so as not to feel a great head.

General type of flower hair accessories little girl try to feel too assertive or think does not look good. But if you take the right clothes, do not pay attention to the location of the hair on the tips, will definitely give you the image of the plus points.



Workplace essential red shoes and bags of passion

Promotion and pay rise the first day, you want more red than red. Boss thinks highly of you, are there any reason to low-key. Tell you a secret, according to Durham University researchers showed that: in competitive game, if both a considerable strength, athletes wearing red won more easily, so red has to improve exercise capacity and enhance awareness of the effect of competition . So, hurry up equipment on the red, let your enthusiasm as red as ever-expanding, all with the passion and color spike and shout "I want red."


Chanel 2011 jewelry fashion show early autumn

High Hand Workshop Series CHANEL2011 early autumn to "Paris-Byzance" as the theme, the magnificent Byzantine-style eye-catching show, models wearing exquisite complicated Alejandra Alonsa hand clothing and bright jewelry, Queen-like interpretation of a Roman noble grace.


Clairvoyant outfit to wear feminine through do not reveal

"Hot" really is a wonderful reason, you have the opportunity to show what good shape. S hot in the summer, come clairvoyant outfit really should be time and occasion! Respected real fashion through, frankly does not care two-point bare Jitu. But life is not, after all, the T station, the women really know how to get through the high spots. Whether it is lace clairvoyant outfit, chiffon shirts perspective, or knitted mesh perspective, are the focus of this summer can not be ignored. Chiffon perspective is ambiguous if the effort Mature, full lace perspective is a strong temptation to the sexy stuff; knit mesh perspective is more like a heartless sun girl, healthy and not contrived.

 Wear Clairvoyant outfit There are many ways. Dolce & Gabbana chiffon blouse under the underwear with the same color rendering, very elegant style of underwear; Bottega Veneta detailed perspective on the less visible parts, such as waist, back, much to avoid the danger emptied; Givenchy is a very clever use of communication pants ride through the veil stack, bringing wonderful sexy attitude; Valentino lace and leather stitching revealed distracted feminine.


10 perfect fruit color shoes dating nirvana

Still worry about what shoes to wear for the date it? Ten men and nine women with feminine love, has its own unique temperament, beautiful men like to watch nature. Since "a woman makes herself," then pick a summer shoe is crucial .
 Swedish Hasbeens
 Yves Saint Laurent
 Giuseppe Zanotti
Jil Sander

Jimmy Choo


Miu Miu

Paloma Barceló

Swedish Hasbeens2


Hollywood, those "gold" bachelor TOP10

They are sexy, they are talented, they had money to spare, even if Yingyingyanyan linger around for decades without a break, they insist, "Shoushenruyu", perhaps there have been few paragraphs, sections memorable, it is the feelings of regret, but in the end he died only to fall "sorrow was everlasting," the grudge and the countless forum posts on saliva Paizhuan Sahua, they are still alone in the end, free men. Say they are sentimental, melodramatic, unfeeling, and some people will never agree. But to say that they are the hearts of many female fans, the only fantasy, it was not just in vain.


Street beat Sportsman

Neon bright, coveted shoes, It bags ... ... Yes! We are talking about men's weekly landscape Oh. Colored sportsman come and go in men's fashion week in Europe.

Natural garden fresh summer dress style earrings

Summer Fun, the vigor of all things, blue sky, green trees, white clouds flowers, do you want in next year's summer garden with a fresh air damper earrings, coupled with a small fresh floral dress it? The following gave you several fresh garden style earrings.

Alex Monroe daisy earrings
Cute little daisy do not know if I have to remind you of "Daisy" in the beautiful love story, beautiful large daisy, charming Amsterdam Square ......

Oscar de la Renta Flower Earrings 
Small white flowers and tender feeling of graceful people, and pendants to pearl to do even more innocence, the overall fresh feel infinite, this pendant has a lot in common with the girl's dream, right? !

Bijoux Heart earrings gem
This is not the first thing you think of summer grapes out? ! Purple, green, blue, dreamy combination of fresh air just sight.

Bijoux Heart earrings gem
This gemstone pendant is still in the garden for inspiration from nature, but the main color is red, like the sky down on the growth of red dripping fruit, right? ! This idyllic summer with earrings seems to be more summer feeling.

Jeeyun Ha Designs feather earrings
The feather earrings directly drawn the feathers, the feathers of small series, but what kind of animals do not know Oh, Oh, like the natural style you do not miss Oh!

Graceful fairy shoe Christian Louboutin neon shoes

Christian Louboutin always has that touch of red can not resist the temptation to spring and summer 2011 “Hentian high” to continue with 8cm heel to promote a more slender sexy and gorgeous. Pointed black high heels on the bow and accompanied by sharp rivets, enchanting encounter wild snake pattern, color printing, candy-colored lace high heels with a Lolita-style allure, crushing the gem-studded blue color “neon shoes” is the word “amazing” to describe. Each two-cents worth a careful appreciation of the graceful shoe, which one you most heart?

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