Gossip Girl Blake Lively red carpet queen

Gossip Girl Blake Lively left the "Gossip Girl", but as one of the world's most popular actress, Blake is still time news headlines are the streets. Whether it is with Leonardo - DiCaprio's year-end parties passed a sensation love, or in the much-anticipated new movie "Green Lantern" Ryan Reynolds, who plays the lover, Blake Lively's acting always with her unique style of attracting people of the world's attention.
Of course, do not forget, she was appointed our fashion icon Karl the Great. So many titles are worth re-examine the under 25-year-old actress, what exactly is the charm for many fashion and entertainment's biggest names to her favor for me? It is under review together the history of Blake's famous, look at the red carpet on her own interpretation of how wonderful life!
2009 Emmy Awards ceremony, Blake which a bright red dress can be described as Yanyaqunfang, deep-V design and impressive stature to become one of the biggest surprise in the evening, the charm of endless Blake on the red carpet at the fame, but also for her position in the fashion industry, paving the way.
Chanel's Haute this dress is as Blake is simply tailor-made, people can not look away form the envy of gorgeous, 11-year Met Gala, Blake is still not disappointed!
Missoni's summer dress with Louboutins shall slope with neon yellow sandals, Blake's style is amazing. No fancy dresses, elegant color, but now Blake is still projecting a more distinctive personal style, the miraculous, which is the dress of the highest level.
Blake Lively wearing a nude colored Versace dress at the party activities Bra, sexy shape memorable, tight-fitting skirt is cut perfectly highlights the curves of her body, Blake just the right shape for the red carpet can be seen.
Beckhams to wear a black mini skirt design, Blake will undoubtedly expose the perfect line, a small shrug of the design is very stylish, slightly domineering style is very tall for her
High set in 2010 Paris Fashion Week, Blake was wearing a Chanel Color Dress, looks like a sweet refreshing breath of fresh air strikes, Blake is a rare small fresh style.
Met Ball 2010 red carpet, Blake was wearing a Marchesa gown skirt of blue flowers appear, a pair of legs under the spotlight once again become the focus.
Zuhair Murad's emerald green dress is lined Blake Lively color, gradient color in the night turned into a different light, against the background to Blake and more mouthwatering!

Wearing a white jacket with black shorts and Blake is very eye-catching, white and black protruding between the extreme differences in the overall sense of style, jacket hem at the large bow is weakened suit neutral taste, Blake seems more a lady temperament.
A party in this year's event, Blake was wearing a black lace Valentino dress appeared, among the trace of an elegant little sexy, Blake was increasingly feminine with a.

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