Why is a woman sleep with her back to a man

You know when a woman is a man take off his clothes, naked in front of him was how much love. Do you know why a woman backs you sleep? Because she does not like to see you back, if you hold her to sleep later, she will feel at ease all night.

Did you know you love the woman after get angry to you, but turned herself constantly crying. You know when a woman's face wore flowers cry walking down the street, whether or not someone is watching her, when her heart had been dying. You know she will love the man for her nagging, but also people who only care about playing for her temper.

You know she's headstrong, she's actually just a bad temper on you like a baby, I hope you pay more attention to her. Do you know if she does not love you, she did not you get angry, do not want you to coax her, not you cry, because she did not love that ability. You know when you leave her, leave her alone, she has little expectation and fear?


And all this just because she loves you, and all this because you have not understood her. Women should know that too much to know, men do not know too much of the know. So. You quarrel. Do you think her bad temper. She believes that you are not accommodate her ... ... So. You cold. Do you think she did not fully accept you, you do not care about her ... she thought ...

Please give her a hug a kiss. Embrace with your heart you Wenqu resolve her grief and tears. Because she is afraid of your indifference, turned and quiet ... ...

Two loved ones together, it is necessary mutual tolerance, mutual understanding, mutual understanding, mutual trust, or when you really lose when you will regret for life ... ... 

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