Temptation of fresh legs unrestrained wild summer shorts

Howling out of the cold winter and spring of the volatile summer, is a who can see a bright future legs of the season. However, they show how little legs got shorts? Each summer, very wild, as a single product, a variety of shorts can be competent body, and easy to wear can change a variety of shapes.
Cut loose with a comfortable cotton khaki
Cut loose with a comfortable khaki cotton material, not only breathable, but with modified leg-type effect, from the visual sense to create a thin legs. The upper body is designed to use gauze to achieve eye-catching effects, sexy accentuates.
Denim shorts easy to give the feeling of cool hippie
Although easy to give the hippie denim shorts feel cool, but cute girls can not miss, and after a simple T-shirt with Europe showing a casual sense, this season is definitely the best boys in the eyes of the popular actress.
Stripe elements still active in the spring and summer stage 11 years
Stripe elements still active in the spring and summer fashion scene 11, either it's very casual wear, you can also become a formal sense. Stripe high waist design allows more retro flavor, accompanied by transient visual belt was thin.
Nude-color shorts are the most representative of the spring summer fashion
Nude-color shorts are the most representative fashion summer dress. Pink color revealing your lovely temperament, coat both dots chiffon design sense but also can show off charming waistline. Hollow lace design in the shape of the effect on extra points, so that the visual look more slender legs.
Quality nude-colored chiffon shorts
Nude-colored chiffon shorts all year round Haoda style is not only able to bring out your white skin, but the key is to enhance the shape of affinity, both casual outfit exudes quiet lady like intimacy.

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