Woman flower accessories

Clear your


Large flower

Residual dry bones

Pure life

With their own dialogue.

Full color

In reality;

And the alienation of the mapping;

But is clear.

In his later years, the European single desert Fu Ji, serious eye diseases have not the slightest impact on her writing, because Europe Ji Fu, hard look at. Artist Yang to a root multi-faceted, full-polished, pure colorless glass, expressing the sentiment of the European Fu-Ji, in the desert, is quiet, works like a transparent clarity, you can see through life. Type seems to work as a whole bone, and flowers, skeleton, bone is not in the desert Ou Fu Ji creative elements? Department of gray and white choice, as the European Fu Ji pure, no extra, not a little bit of impurity doping.

You hot

When nothing else

Only the soul

Do you still love yourself.

When the crowd dispersed

Opera curtain

Are you still fortitude;


In death;

She Gujue to open red flowers.

For Frida's pain, and face life hot, Yang and the deconstruction of the petals with abstract design, performance Frida always gorgeous bloom, do not yield to the soul; the flower was actually the skull, there is no portrait as Frida from death so close. The most vulnerable moments in life, should be like Frida Carlo for one of the strongest, most passionate bloom of flowers.

Compassion you

Prior to this

Life is a barren, quiet

Emotions, such as fine silk

Traction of light and hope.

Her voice and her story

So that any woman worth

Is a beautiful flower.

Lessing of life, life, insight, caring, very large. Therefore, the eye works to a similar tribute to Lessing, the end of each root eyelashes are inlaid with glass beads, as if one can accept the signal of the radar, Lessing, with her sharp insight into the perspective of the world. "

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