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Nicky Hilton's wardrobe look gorgeous

Nicky Hilton, designer, entrepreneur, with her unique talent and temperament from the aura of her sister Paris Hilton in Hollywood in this colorful and sensual pleasures, and to insist on doing their own low-key it is not easy.
Nicky and Paris have a different lifestyle, the swagger and Paris luxury, entertainment by nature different, Nicky has long-term stability of the handsome boyfriend, cause also has been good (with Samantha Thavasa handbag brand launch, set up his own clothing brand "Chick by Nicky Hilton", and Titan Group to launch jewelry line), from the gorgeous when she is not the cloakroom was full Dangdang can see what her taste, tight jeans, flat shoes or ballet classic high-heeled shoes, trimmed appropriately jacket, simple but elegant place with a generous Nicky Hilton is a favorite type of entertainment is not flashy, more like a ladylike elegance, luxury Paris Hilton had the experience of your crazy wardrobe, take a stroll Nicky Hilton taste wardrobe bar.

Nicky Hilton preference for high heels, favorite designer is Christian Louboutin, and Azzedine Alaia, the shoe can be seen from her is based on the brand of shoes are neatly arranged, of which there is a detail I do not know if you've noticed, Nicky's shoes cabinets deeper, every pair of shoes are arrayed one after, then it can clearly see the shoes, but also saves more space for storage of shoes, footwear incorporating a good way after all.

 Hilton jealousy envy hate to see gorgeous wardrobe
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                                          Gorgeous shoes and clothes
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The impact of the new generation of red carpet fashion sense

80, 90, 95, actress occupy more and more red carpet position has always been the standard of luxury and elegant red carpet began to rewrite the rules. Young girls with no body polish, not to fight Botox face and a head full of whimsy, sexy, sweet, energetic, and even a little bit of bad taste as their logo - short skirts, bib pants, leather pants have become the red carpet of their combat gear.

We see the growth trajectory, has long been famous Emma Watson, Blake Lively, Mila Kunis's fashion sense has matured, often named the best dressed list; only 13 years old new darling of fashion - Elle Fanning insisted sweet young line, led red carpet's most refreshing trend.

There are many less well-known young idol, for example, recently held in Toronto, the 22nd Much Music music awards ceremony, a number of new generation of singers dazzling debut, a bit of colors, bold accessories. They, or a rock style, or bold, wild dress, or dressed in sexy short dress chest wrapped extremely skirt, with often do not follow the guidelines for the slightest, but all the highlights of his vigor, charm.

June 19, Toronto, the 22nd Annual MuchMusic Music Awards. 85 after wearing a Georges Chakra 2010 Nina Dobrev Winter short dress chest wrapped in navy blue skirt, with Aldo beige heels. Personality color design, Slim version of model, the people are rallying point.
June 19, Toronto, the 22nd Annual MuchMusic Music Awards. Shay Mitchell was born in 1987 wearing a short paragraph chest ASOS black fringed wrap skirt, fish head pedal Giuseppe Zanotti black high-heeled sandals. Mature beautiful curves of the body, clear bright eyes bright self-confident, fully expose the sexy charm of youth.
June 19, Toronto, the 22nd Annual MuchMusic Music Awards. Kat Graham was born in 1989, chose a creative green long-sleeved dress skirt, skirt decorated with layers of tape and the fastener, great personality.
1984 Avril Lavigne black pants punk rock full range of children, loose black T-shirt, with lace leather pants, black boots lined with rivets, she is still the same friends Kefan children.
Born in Canada in 1985, the famous R & B singer Kreesha Turner, hollow with a dark blue skirt suit underwear, sexy wild, absolutely all of the murder of film the presence of reporters.
Much Music's VJ Liz Trinnear only 21 years old, dressed in a sweet orange line to not waist dress, full of youthful vigor, full of shine. The shape of the point of the eye is sporadic chest embroidery and decorated with ice blue nail polish, in sharp contrast with the dress.
June 5, University of California City, 2011 MTV Awards. Become a "Transformers 3" girl, a stranger in 1987, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley sexy to force her remarkable performance on the red carpet, dressed in Dolce & Gabbana 2011 Winter tabby round neck short skirts, wearing Sergio RossiT words with high heels, holding Ferragmo black handbag.
June 5, University of California City, 2011 MTV Awards. Only 13 years old new darling of the fashion industry - Elle Fanning a D & G 2011 spring and summer with pink print high waist pants, wearing the same series of water table printed Mary Jane shoes.
June 6, New York, CFDA Awards. Has a smiling baby face, cute pale blonde hair, young designer Erin Fetherston, dressed in a nude color Tube Top dress flounced skirt, nude color with a Christian Louboutin heels. Flounced fold design of the dress to her stature even more youth Smart.
June 5, University of California City, 2011 MTV Awards. Blake Lively born in 1987 because of "Gossip Girl" became a hit, with the standard model-like figure, she is dressed in a Michael Kors 2012 spring series of short section of hollow sapphire blue tight-fitting dress skirts, pedal Christian Louboutin purple high heels, wearing Lorraine Schwartz produced jewelry.
Standard 90 Emma Watson is the generation of Marchesa white dress elegant and charming, Brian Atwood'Maniac 'series, silver high heels, shoulder with luxurious, beautiful silver beaded to decorate, elegant and sexy in the slightest revealed interesting . With a sharp, short hair, individuality and fashionable.
June 5, University of California City, 2011 MTV Awards. Born in 1985, the Kayla Ewell dressed in delicate pink harness dress, the whole body warm, yet subdued sequins.
June 4, California, "2011 men voted Award" ceremony. Mila Kunis was born in 1983, dressed in Givenchy 2011 early autumn series of printed chiffon dress appearance, color pedal Christian Louboutin high-heeled shoes, fish head bare, hand Bottega Veneta 2011 spring series of orange-red handbag, wearing C. Greene 18K gold diamond jewelry .
June 4, California, "2011 men voted Award" ceremony. Minka Kelly wearing a low cut blue dress sexy Fendi.


Pretty shoes

Josefa 120 Platform Sandals in Pink

                          Christian louboutin Very Galaxy Platform Pumps in Red


Accessories beauty of the details was confusion between the luxury

From the beginning of this year's Oscar red carpet, many female stars have chosen to form a complex with numerous details of the United States can consider the accessories. They may be earrings, necklaces, bracelets, hair ornaments may be, watch, in the confusion between the actress added luxury.
If you are concerned about the actress on the red carpet accessories, jewelry will be noticed that complicated the wanton wind prevailed. From the beginning of this year's Oscar red carpet, many female stars have chosen to form a complex with numerous details of the United States can consider the accessories. They may be earrings, necklaces, bracelets, hair ornaments may be, watch, in the confusion between the actress added luxury.
                                    Chanel Camelia bracelet watch
Nature's creatures are important in this complex source of inspiration for jewelry style. Whether it is brilliant interpretation of the masterpiece Guanghua fine diamonds, created by Smart or bright crystal charm, or colorful gemstones offer a masterpiece by the glamorous, and often the final presentation of material related to flowers or animals. On the one hand, this style will always make people look young and vibrant, and will not old-fashioned, on the other hand, the more of these concrete things, the more skill by the inlaid jewelry, the more able to demonstrate the brand's hand. Consequently, in this summer with a retro flavor, fine jewelry are fresh and gorgeous, full of attitude have appeared, both off the female star of exquisite manners, but also demonstrates the perfect wonderful hand.
                                                  ARTE Duende series
"Designers by the tiny corner of the jungle, slowly into the depths of the forest, blinking in the forest and put the diamond crystal lightly with rare birds and animals and birds dance." ARTE is a description of its Duende series of brooches. Series, led by blue peacock and parrot, led butterflies, flamingos, turtles, crickets and other dance, with flowers and swaying with the breeze, and then encounter the forest of the dancers angel, creating a strong sense of fairy tale. This series of large amounts of colored broken spar of timber, using the same system to create three-dimensional gradient colors, crimson, green and sky blue and other colors used, highlights the nature of fresh magnificent qualities.
                                    Alexandre Zouari advanced hair series
Alexandre Zouari is the headdress of the top brands, this luxury line of it to go retro, there are also many works of both luxurious and lovely, for example, dragonflies, butterflies, beetles, bees and other small animals, birds pass through the design, magic becomes hair bands, hair clips, hair forks and even sunglasses, refreshing. Petals have a breakthrough with plexiglass (transparent or dyeing into a magnificent variety of elegant colors), fine crystal mosaic and painted enamel design, so that each petal looks as if dancing to the wind, seems like covered in gorgeous hair gem flowers.
This is CHAUMET "net me ... ... if you love me" This year's new work, including rings, bracelets and pendants. Bees in the Napoleonic Empire was a symbol of authority, CHAUMET it will be turned into love. This group of works using a variety of citrine, amethyst and pink opal, in platinum, rose gold or gold against the background of bright colors, natural style this season, a representative
                                         Chanel Camelia Jewelry Series
The classic Chanel camellia shape cleverly applied to jewelry, elegant and charming. There are many works in this series, materials are also platinum gold, style then include the bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces and many other styles. One of the most special and is a mosaic of most shiny diamond bracelet watch, a model called the jewelry table.
                                               Montblanc Romantic Roses
Set amazing beauty, original ideas and top technology in one, perfect exudes breathtaking brilliance, and only the top jewelry skilled craftsmen to carve out such an extravagant beauty. This series, the most audience's soul was undoubtedly formed by the chain of 24.07 kt diamond bow necklace, diamond rose above the light around the three, the central bow is set with a 6 kt of star-shaped Montblanc diamond. Even the relatively not so gorgeous earrings, in fact, is 2 carats set in the star-shaped diamond, color Zeda D grade, clarity grade of IF, has been very valuable.
                                      Cartier Secret et Merveilles series
This is a Cartier recently introduced a new top U.S. luxury masterpiece, full of spiritual inspiration comes from nature, using materials including diamond, emerald, natural pearls, sapphires. This series is divided Peacock Queen, Pearl Queen, Queen Diamond Queen and the boa four sub-series, especially on the elegant hand, each piece of jewelry to go through nearly 1,000 hours of meticulous craftsmanship.