Jewelry ---- woman can not refuse the temptation

PIAGET Limelight Garden Party

18K white gold, set with 929 round diamonds (approximately 28.8 kt), 9 round cut numerous red sapphire (approx. 0.25 karats), three teardrop-shaped cut tourmaline (approx. 40.22 kt), 3 round Fun-shaped cutting red tourmaline (approx. 0.45 kt), numerous single oval cut pink tourmaline (approx. 1.35 kt), crafted by three white chalcedony (approx. 62.59 kt) and nine pearls (weighing about 43 kt).

PIAGET Limelight Party annual series, will not let us down. Maybe you could not bear to leave last year's Jazz Party, want to continue to indulge in the lazy brilliant jazz hall, but Earl can not wait to get to lead us toward the Garden of carnival nature park. In this Garden Party, the shining pearl gem brilliant colorful, leafy garlands, leaves, the wind had issued a crash sound diamond, white chalcedony is crafted of cherry blossoms, delicate buds bloom colorful bloom in the Pearl, pink tourmaline is the diamond on the tip of the branches, the budding of immature flower blossoming. PIAGET the stunning process, the beauty of painted trees as jewelry, romantic style of Spring distribution.

CARTIER Mille et une heure jewelry watches 

18K white gold rhodium-plated material, quartz movement, round and pear cut diamond drilling

Mille et une heure is one thousand and one hours, as if the "Arabian Nights" fairy tale-like rich magnificent. Cartier through the exciting Mille etune heure jewelry line, we open the space for the door to start the journey through the ancient and modern Arabic. Ancient India, Jaipur Walled Poole door, across the Rajasthan border Lackey Sitan, 16 pieces of jewelry over four hundred years old singing legend dynasty. Mille et une heure watches to jewelry inspired by Arab-style palace architecture, decorative wall geometric lines, a unique and detailed diamond pattern. The exotic classical times, worthy of your collection.  

 ADLER Clef de Sol necklace 

Clefde Sol necklace 18K white gold, single emerald 29.51 kt, 160 emeralds about 34.63 kt, 607 diamonds of about 98.75 kt.

ADLER passion for jewelry has a rich and creative, for the inlay technique, it is constantly introduce new world to show the latest technology attitude. Clef de Sol with soft curved lines and smooth, perfect draw six different arc, white diamonds and emeralds set in neatly knotted, 29.51 kt of heavy rare emerald is bright colorful staggered period. Green emerald, diamond scarf as decorative edges, leaning on the women's collar, full of gentle rhythm, as if living up to jewelry.  


2011 Christmas gifts for men LV bag

Christmas to arrive, the charm of choice for his sense of reality, a part of the LV bag, because it best represents your personal identity and sincerity! Louis Vuitton diaper bags are fashionable long love of successful people, whether noble or pure, what is constant is its timeless luxury fine. LV bag on the sales of the brand's sales promotion ADV implant revealed: Closing is to record and broadcast LIU: Most of the camera to record and broadcast, on-site basic creats a random disturbance, one of the happy.Du: You have to stand up for applause Mandela, when you have a slight general knowledge, know how to destroy the black Caucasus. Big closing ceremony, the great World Cup.

Small MI branch: Closing is very good, very suddenly and emotion, only football can make the world continue in the same place, beyond race, beyond social class, beyond all, a warm, simple, pure, tear laugh, is the real change in face, this is not substitute.Talks random other sports: What is the most cattle Octopus GONG month: today's warm, the key is illuminated, perhaps in the technical content of the finals, can not say that not only shining.Zhou beam : Louis Vuitton handbags have passed this way and the World Cup finals, was very attractive creative relationship.

I had the time in Brazil have sent their latest advertising creative, which under the initial capital. Blatter has 2009 LV bags of money to restore the old classic and the reason everyone's football life will never be devalued Eri2c: Mr. / Ms. Function is to allow the sun's boring boring opening ceremony, closing ceremony so that we chat spot changes bored.Zhao Xiao Meng: "grandson, break," said a clear pronunciation and mellow sound, but in fact, no matter what Unfortunately, the wonderful and individuals or families who refused to move and unreasonably high compensation for bargaining, land acquisition for the construction project performance, that he could broadcast the news broadcast.


Kurt Geiger introduced the latest accessories

Kurt Geiger introduced the latest accessories - Everything But The Dress - This month the British version of "Vogue" in supermodel Anja Rubik large portrait interpretation of advertising. Now, this series has been in the vicinity of Bond Street store shelves, Kurt Geiger also revised the official website on-line. New series of features as its name implies: all desired accessories - Kurt Geiger development marks a new direction, expanding from shoes into more accessories.


Tiffany & Co. The legendary beauty of Venice

World-renowned jewelry designer Paloma Picasso of Tiffany & Co. Launched a new jewelry line Paloma's Venezia, showing a unique style and charismatic strong design. This remarkable series of inspired jewelry in Venice this the world's most fascinating legends Watertown.(pandora jewelry beads

Paloma Picasso's life who love travel. She will be seen in exotic travel features magnificent art and culture, cleverly integrated into jewelry design. Ms. Picasso, a child went to visit Venice, Venice's canals, bridges, palace-like architecture and grand and magnificent square fascinated her. "Venice is like my second home," Ms. Picasso said, "splendid culture and history of accumulation given the atmosphere of Venice, wonderful, I want this feeling into them jewelry." Through her keen insight into the inherent design, Ms. Picasso four different themed jewelry works perfect interpretation of this rhyme To Watertown's beauty and historical heritage.

Paloma's Luce family is natural to think of Venice landmark arched roof fall down on the fancy hanging chandelier. Circling spiral chandelier gives a wonderful inspiration, Ms. Picasso, a very clever way to her 18K gold and sterling silver to create a variety of highly dynamic flow line pendant. Ms. Picasso is also for this series presents the cuff, arch rings and diamond earrings.pandora like charm bracelets


Enjoy Graff classic jewelry

Garrard was founded in 1735, was Queen Victoria granted the Crown Jeweller in the world, and many designed for the royal coronation crown, holds an important position. In recent years, invited designers JadeJagger Garrard as creative director, successfully broke into the youth market. At the same time opened up the clocks, silverware, furniture and accessories market, make products more diversified.

 Garrard Sapphire Diamond Jewelry

 Garrard gemstone rings

Princess Diana's wedding of the century on their own, wearing a value of about £ 28,500 sapphire ring, that is by the famous royal jeweler Garrard tailored, with a 18K white gold ring care, the middle set with a 12-carats, oval Ceylon sapphire surrounded by 14 high-quality South African diamond foil. Garrard's status in addition to the British royal family certainly, but also successfully attracted a number of celebrity fans, it is like clothing tastes are shared by Sarah JessiCA Parker, in addition to Garrard in public wearing the jewelry, but in the film "Sex and the City" promotion posters, also indicate a small crown to wear Garrard. In addition, CATherine Zeta Jones, Scarlett Johansson and Dita Von Teese, Hollywood actress, but also on many public occasions to wear Garrard's work, demonstration tide wear jewelry methods.

 GRAFF yellow diamond crown

GRAFF diamond jewelry is unique in the world, diamond quality, design, process are all top. In the high absolute luxury of this custom jewelry, diamond jewelry items in, GRAFF is a diamond in the diamond.    
Sophisticated metals and diamonds are carefully fit together to evolve into a piece of exquisite earrings, necklaces or bracelets, they bring the wearer will feel noble and agile, and a field of visual feast. 


Avant-garde chic DKNY Winter Women Dachu new stuff

Inception, DKNY in New York that the convergence of different cultures and their unique flavor of life made ​​a new interpretation, a more avant-garde, more stylish, more casual portrayal of New York different cultures and contemporary lifestyles, to reflect different language dkny unique charm.

 Jeans, high heels, big edge knit cap, plus the unique design of the leopard shirt jacket hollow pattern, coupled with simple and capable of leather handbags. Chic to walk in the midst of the crowd or the desolate desert, all this cheering.

 Remain relaxed and comfortable dress, veil-like skirt, warm gray jacket, knit cap with a small, sexy and chic to be a perfect interpretation.

 White shirt, thick belt, brown cardigan jacket, the female Wangfeng Fan, with a big black bag raised to hundred percent of the popular indices.


6 easy to color eyeliner

Make the eyes look large and God, eyeliner can be said that the overall makeup of the most important sum, but much eyeliner products may make a lot of MM in a dilemma. Dislike liner is too soft? Eyeliner is too complicated? Then you have to have a moderate hardness of the pencil, comfort and quality of written cartridge allows you to draw even and smooth lines. Here's to count everyone's favorite super useful 6 Easy color eyeliner, I believe both are a novice or of people you will have a heart!

benefit Bad Girl waterproof eyeliner
Written is very easy to apply thin, thick black color fragrance, with the first end of the sponge liner can be easily washes to create a deep, smoky-looking. The lasting effect of anti-blooming quite well. 
Bobbi Brown eyeliner gloss clouds 
Perhaps the most famous Bobbi Brown eyeliner is the clouds, but in fact there is such a series with eyeliner. Ultra-fine tip makes it easy to draw a sharp liner, the same in the end also with a sponge brush, eyeliner smudges can be opened to create a natural smoked makeup. Written moderate hardness, easy to use, even if the novice can easily depict the thin liner. With the same color as the thick clouds jet black eyeliner, eyeliner is just as opposed to more easily swap makeup.

 M.A.C lasting waterproof eyeliner
This eyeliner is characterized by cottonseed oil cream formulation, texture is more soft. Easy to get started can draw a smooth liner, but also to create a soft, smoky effect. Contains the antioxidant vitamin E can prevent fine lines generated. Is written into the semi-circular thick, difficult to draw to the roots of the lashes, more suitable for a draw folds MM thick eyeliner. 

ANNA SUI Magic Colorful waterproof eyeliner 
ANNA SUI Eyeliner in this series the most famous pieces of red and purple, bright clear colors and more for 10 we choose. The texture is very soft and very easy to color, but also created an easy-halo makeup issues. It is proposed within the painted black eyeliner then add a layer of ANNA SUI Colorful eyeliner, then use a cotton swab lightly smudged, you can create a strong sense of color Eye level. 

Helena Rubinstein HR cheetah eyeliner
I am afraid of her beauty were selected, it must be one on the look on her gorgeous Leopard installed. This is a well-known of the cheetah and HR series of the same mascara eyeliner. Of course, this eyeliner for a beautiful appearance in addition to supporting the collection, the texture is supple, smooth and easy on her makeup is one of the characteristics. Extremely hard and soft moisturizing formula with medium nib, cartridge also contains a sparkling pearl particles, whether or hook line coloring, can help you create professional quality shiny eye makeup.

Shu Uemura eyeliner painted 
This eyeliner is Shu Uemura's flagship product, the new color of deep gold to break the dull. The most commonly used black models, not as obtrusive as other home jet black eyeliner, but with some light gray metallic luster, the color is very full. Soft texture, color easily, even the pen is very soft wood and does not harm the fragile eye skin. Has good water resistance, but when the remover is not very easy, you need to thin with a cotton swab dampened with a cleaning liquid remover a few times. 

Vivienne Westwood men's winter coat the first to see----Vivienne Westwood

Westwood are unorthodox in the extreme, she pretty well master spirit of the times, the rebellious elements into the work being. Her design style has been a representative of the British position, like the Beatles music, mini skirt and street fashion in general.

Streamlined cut design, smooth material so that a gentleman of elegant style in this jacket out on a good performance .

Navy blue suit jacket, and a little wandering deep in flavor.

Men's winter jacket in 2011 Vivienne has this like recreational qualities, with traveler's taste. 

As sophisticated style in this men's leather jacket with the most obvious manifestation of clever design allows the ramp button simplicity with depth of cut. 

This is a crimson coat your tall, mature, wise, depth and other qualities perfectly explain it. 


Poisonous snake lure trendy pattern

What would you think that python? Fangs, poisonous or that it streamlines the body, seductive patterns. Snake pattern as a fashion designer who used elements, full of autumn and winter 2011 series, but for us to build a toxic addictive charm of fashion.

Images of fur and reptile filled with 2011 winter series, but this season many designers turned into snake people, or there are other? Impeccable people to indulge in a complex geometric design circuitous surface. There are some repeated symmetrical printing, looks not so complicated. Like snakes, full of conflicting information, it will be both firmly unified, both formal and uninhibited. Snake hidden in the high society and celebrity dress in business.

 Gucci python coat pattern

Gucci designed to play a high-contrast glossy snakeskin pencil skirt and a malachite green furry warm fur coat. Models walk the mysterious period in 1974 and the modern image of women between the bar waitress. This is the snake charm, fashion trends in recent years, the ever-changing style of it again and again in people's eyes. It can be very fashionable can be very bad. 

 Chlo snake pattern chiffon dress

Chlo will snake prints on chiffon in a romantic light, we see and wear them there is a direct contradiction. Snake skin in our minds is tough, urban, and modern - like Christopher Bailey of Burberry 2010 spring and summer series, but this is not a sign of personal design, but gently wrapped the body, such as ballet dancer the same. This shows that our current way of dressing and the desire of luxury. For now, exotic animal skins and luxurious fabrics are a great choice, but do not let them too much about conspicuous. Since I can not show to be too obvious, to balance the use of ornaments. 


Gucci 90 anniversary of the launch of gorgeous 1921 series

Gucci 1921 Series is pleased to introduce men and women fashion and accessories, to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the brand.

It was founded in 2011. "This year we are celebrating in various ways, Gucci anniversary since the 1921 creation of the brand since Guccio Gucci, Gucci logo, with its design, craftsmanship and luxurious materials known, and I want to particularly pay tribute to commemorate the series on brands . "Gucci creative director Frida Gianni," said series each single product tells a story, represented a rich historical narrative in a chapter.

"This series will adopt a new mark G. GUCCI Fireze 1921, engraved on the inside of accessories, belt buckle and metal travel on the label. The main products include 1921 series calfskin and crocodile skin manufacturers use a special version of the New Bamboo handbag, New Jackie bags and handbags Horsebit Chain; color cover dark brown, pink, khaki, dark cherry red and green choices.  

Clever design details: zipper closure at the crest, tassels with bamboo decoration to add color for the wallet. Brand shoes lined with men and women followed the unique green. There calfskin or crocodile skin boots made ​​of smoke color with the classic horsebit casual shoes.


Sasaki Xi bikini show-----The temptation under the sun

Popular Japanese model Sasaki xi sweet cute, as in the models in the fashion industry darling, gathered high popularity! Here's inventory of sexy bikini photos Sasaki xi,sweet this summer, also sweet you and my eyes .

Floral bikini showed off the full flavor of sweet, sexy and attractive young girls, enjoy the show.

Black lace bikini, show Sasaki xi the enchanting curves.

Fashion floral bikini , accompanied by a Red Bead Necklace, more stylish and charming, with lovely expression Sasaki xi, really cute little sea princess. 

Orange bikini is the most eye-catching dress blue sea, with a yellow daisy, stylish and sweet. 

Cute striped bikini, fashion tie knots design, hidden under the sweater, but the temptation to hide sexy. 


Why is a woman sleep with her back to a man

You know when a woman is a man take off his clothes, naked in front of him was how much love. Do you know why a woman backs you sleep? Because she does not like to see you back, if you hold her to sleep later, she will feel at ease all night.

Did you know you love the woman after get angry to you, but turned herself constantly crying. You know when a woman's face wore flowers cry walking down the street, whether or not someone is watching her, when her heart had been dying. You know she will love the man for her nagging, but also people who only care about playing for her temper.

You know she's headstrong, she's actually just a bad temper on you like a baby, I hope you pay more attention to her. Do you know if she does not love you, she did not you get angry, do not want you to coax her, not you cry, because she did not love that ability. You know when you leave her, leave her alone, she has little expectation and fear?


And all this just because she loves you, and all this because you have not understood her. Women should know that too much to know, men do not know too much of the know. So. You quarrel. Do you think her bad temper. She believes that you are not accommodate her ... ... So. You cold. Do you think she did not fully accept you, you do not care about her ... she thought ...

Please give her a hug a kiss. Embrace with your heart you Wenqu resolve her grief and tears. Because she is afraid of your indifference, turned and quiet ... ...

Two loved ones together, it is necessary mutual tolerance, mutual understanding, mutual understanding, mutual trust, or when you really lose when you will regret for life ... ...