Sasaki Xi bikini show-----The temptation under the sun

Popular Japanese model Sasaki xi sweet cute, as in the models in the fashion industry darling, gathered high popularity! Here's inventory of sexy bikini photos Sasaki xi,sweet this summer, also sweet you and my eyes .

Floral bikini showed off the full flavor of sweet, sexy and attractive young girls, enjoy the show.

Black lace bikini, show Sasaki xi the enchanting curves.

Fashion floral bikini , accompanied by a Red Bead Necklace, more stylish and charming, with lovely expression Sasaki xi, really cute little sea princess. 

Orange bikini is the most eye-catching dress blue sea, with a yellow daisy, stylish and sweet. 

Cute striped bikini, fashion tie knots design, hidden under the sweater, but the temptation to hide sexy. 

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