Gucci 90 anniversary of the launch of gorgeous 1921 series

Gucci 1921 Series is pleased to introduce men and women fashion and accessories, to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the brand.

It was founded in 2011. "This year we are celebrating in various ways, Gucci anniversary since the 1921 creation of the brand since Guccio Gucci, Gucci logo, with its design, craftsmanship and luxurious materials known, and I want to particularly pay tribute to commemorate the series on brands . "Gucci creative director Frida Gianni," said series each single product tells a story, represented a rich historical narrative in a chapter.

"This series will adopt a new mark G. GUCCI Fireze 1921, engraved on the inside of accessories, belt buckle and metal travel on the label. The main products include 1921 series calfskin and crocodile skin manufacturers use a special version of the New Bamboo handbag, New Jackie bags and handbags Horsebit Chain; color cover dark brown, pink, khaki, dark cherry red and green choices.  

Clever design details: zipper closure at the crest, tassels with bamboo decoration to add color for the wallet. Brand shoes lined with men and women followed the unique green. There calfskin or crocodile skin boots made ​​of smoke color with the classic horsebit casual shoes.


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