Little Mermaid Pirates of the Caribbean with Astrid PW

Born in 1987 in Paris, France, French actress Astrid - Burgess - Fry Spey in the "Pirates of the Caribbean 4" playing mermaid, to usurp the actress Penelope - Cruz's thunder . Have taken over large areas of the fashion brand, she also is regarded as a fashion stars of hope.

Casual pop style
 Take short-answer bunt denim jacket black dress, casual pop style won a good reputation.

Strapless dress flounced small ocean
Ocean flounced skirt strapless full affinity, improved version of the cake even more spotless skirt element to The Little Mermaid.

Department of black pants debut
Rare appearance pants, low-key black series neutral style, highlighting the khaki coat of fine place, high up people at once.

Nude color dress
Nude color dress turns out to be popular this year, Wang to imagine. Harness design Astrid lean physique at a glance. Delicate collarbone outline fresh girls feelings.

Design at the tassel skirtFringed skirt designed to attend activities at the pace of light Astrid, a pair of legs for the whole lot of style points.

Feminine black dressFeminine black dress to show her another side of the charm. Dignified and elegant, warm Wangao Gui, in short, to spend many wonderful adjectives are not surprising.

 Relaxed casual khaki dress
Khaki loose, casual dress is only white and thin girls in order to manage well, beautiful and very jealous of the Little Mermaid happens to this girl, but this dress compared to the previous several dresses, a lot of really dim starlight.


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