Seaside holiday season to help you show off sexy belly

Beach beauty in with "S-type" curve but also have a perfect belly, when your belly is smooth and flat, your body will be perfect for the degree a plus. If you already have a "small pot" do not lose heart as soon as their own customized plan the perfect lean belly, more by the weekday before the onset of exercise in the seaside resort, so that "small pot" step aside.
Moves one: the fat "jump" out of
All forms of dance rhythms strong burn fat and calories are a good way, you can burn 400 calories per hour, so dancing is also a thinner waist and powerful way. Ballroom dancing, belly dancing, the most effective. 

Moves two: quick way to sit
It would be reducing the belly of the old method, but lie down together, the body constantly curl stretch, really very useful to alleviate physical relaxation. If you want to do an immediate 10-15 minutes a day can be considered the sit-ups. Remember that you must take the hands on the edge of your ears, not in your head, so as not to strain your neck or back.

Moves three: do yoga every day
Yoga can be said to exercise a way for everyone, especially for abdominal exercise is particularly effective, because to do yoga and also is used to do abdominal breathing exercise. Moreover, the training body for the yoga is very helpful, of course, also has a beautiful body would have a flat belly up!

Moves four: abdomen exercise
This is very simple, especially when you feel too lazy to do exercise time. Just keep the abdomen can, when you walk, or wait for the bus, as much as possible the control of the state of the abdomen, which helps you manage the abdomen flat and easy.

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