Poisonous snake lure trendy pattern

What would you think that python? Fangs, poisonous or that it streamlines the body, seductive patterns. Snake pattern as a fashion designer who used elements, full of autumn and winter 2011 series, but for us to build a toxic addictive charm of fashion.

Images of fur and reptile filled with 2011 winter series, but this season many designers turned into snake people, or there are other? Impeccable people to indulge in a complex geometric design circuitous surface. There are some repeated symmetrical printing, looks not so complicated. Like snakes, full of conflicting information, it will be both firmly unified, both formal and uninhibited. Snake hidden in the high society and celebrity dress in business.

 Gucci python coat pattern

Gucci designed to play a high-contrast glossy snakeskin pencil skirt and a malachite green furry warm fur coat. Models walk the mysterious period in 1974 and the modern image of women between the bar waitress. This is the snake charm, fashion trends in recent years, the ever-changing style of it again and again in people's eyes. It can be very fashionable can be very bad. 

 Chlo snake pattern chiffon dress

Chlo will snake prints on chiffon in a romantic light, we see and wear them there is a direct contradiction. Snake skin in our minds is tough, urban, and modern - like Christopher Bailey of Burberry 2010 spring and summer series, but this is not a sign of personal design, but gently wrapped the body, such as ballet dancer the same. This shows that our current way of dressing and the desire of luxury. For now, exotic animal skins and luxurious fabrics are a great choice, but do not let them too much about conspicuous. Since I can not show to be too obvious, to balance the use of ornaments. 

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