Jewelry ---- woman can not refuse the temptation

PIAGET Limelight Garden Party

18K white gold, set with 929 round diamonds (approximately 28.8 kt), 9 round cut numerous red sapphire (approx. 0.25 karats), three teardrop-shaped cut tourmaline (approx. 40.22 kt), 3 round Fun-shaped cutting red tourmaline (approx. 0.45 kt), numerous single oval cut pink tourmaline (approx. 1.35 kt), crafted by three white chalcedony (approx. 62.59 kt) and nine pearls (weighing about 43 kt).

PIAGET Limelight Party annual series, will not let us down. Maybe you could not bear to leave last year's Jazz Party, want to continue to indulge in the lazy brilliant jazz hall, but Earl can not wait to get to lead us toward the Garden of carnival nature park. In this Garden Party, the shining pearl gem brilliant colorful, leafy garlands, leaves, the wind had issued a crash sound diamond, white chalcedony is crafted of cherry blossoms, delicate buds bloom colorful bloom in the Pearl, pink tourmaline is the diamond on the tip of the branches, the budding of immature flower blossoming. PIAGET the stunning process, the beauty of painted trees as jewelry, romantic style of Spring distribution.

CARTIER Mille et une heure jewelry watches 

18K white gold rhodium-plated material, quartz movement, round and pear cut diamond drilling

Mille et une heure is one thousand and one hours, as if the "Arabian Nights" fairy tale-like rich magnificent. Cartier through the exciting Mille etune heure jewelry line, we open the space for the door to start the journey through the ancient and modern Arabic. Ancient India, Jaipur Walled Poole door, across the Rajasthan border Lackey Sitan, 16 pieces of jewelry over four hundred years old singing legend dynasty. Mille et une heure watches to jewelry inspired by Arab-style palace architecture, decorative wall geometric lines, a unique and detailed diamond pattern. The exotic classical times, worthy of your collection.  

 ADLER Clef de Sol necklace 

Clefde Sol necklace 18K white gold, single emerald 29.51 kt, 160 emeralds about 34.63 kt, 607 diamonds of about 98.75 kt.

ADLER passion for jewelry has a rich and creative, for the inlay technique, it is constantly introduce new world to show the latest technology attitude. Clef de Sol with soft curved lines and smooth, perfect draw six different arc, white diamonds and emeralds set in neatly knotted, 29.51 kt of heavy rare emerald is bright colorful staggered period. Green emerald, diamond scarf as decorative edges, leaning on the women's collar, full of gentle rhythm, as if living up to jewelry.  

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