Tiffany & Co. The legendary beauty of Venice

World-renowned jewelry designer Paloma Picasso of Tiffany & Co. Launched a new jewelry line Paloma's Venezia, showing a unique style and charismatic strong design. This remarkable series of inspired jewelry in Venice this the world's most fascinating legends Watertown.(pandora jewelry beads

Paloma Picasso's life who love travel. She will be seen in exotic travel features magnificent art and culture, cleverly integrated into jewelry design. Ms. Picasso, a child went to visit Venice, Venice's canals, bridges, palace-like architecture and grand and magnificent square fascinated her. "Venice is like my second home," Ms. Picasso said, "splendid culture and history of accumulation given the atmosphere of Venice, wonderful, I want this feeling into them jewelry." Through her keen insight into the inherent design, Ms. Picasso four different themed jewelry works perfect interpretation of this rhyme To Watertown's beauty and historical heritage.

Paloma's Luce family is natural to think of Venice landmark arched roof fall down on the fancy hanging chandelier. Circling spiral chandelier gives a wonderful inspiration, Ms. Picasso, a very clever way to her 18K gold and sterling silver to create a variety of highly dynamic flow line pendant. Ms. Picasso is also for this series presents the cuff, arch rings and diamond earrings.pandora like charm bracelets

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