6 easy to color eyeliner

Make the eyes look large and God, eyeliner can be said that the overall makeup of the most important sum, but much eyeliner products may make a lot of MM in a dilemma. Dislike liner is too soft? Eyeliner is too complicated? Then you have to have a moderate hardness of the pencil, comfort and quality of written cartridge allows you to draw even and smooth lines. Here's to count everyone's favorite super useful 6 Easy color eyeliner, I believe both are a novice or of people you will have a heart!

benefit Bad Girl waterproof eyeliner
Written is very easy to apply thin, thick black color fragrance, with the first end of the sponge liner can be easily washes to create a deep, smoky-looking. The lasting effect of anti-blooming quite well. 
Bobbi Brown eyeliner gloss clouds 
Perhaps the most famous Bobbi Brown eyeliner is the clouds, but in fact there is such a series with eyeliner. Ultra-fine tip makes it easy to draw a sharp liner, the same in the end also with a sponge brush, eyeliner smudges can be opened to create a natural smoked makeup. Written moderate hardness, easy to use, even if the novice can easily depict the thin liner. With the same color as the thick clouds jet black eyeliner, eyeliner is just as opposed to more easily swap makeup.

 M.A.C lasting waterproof eyeliner
This eyeliner is characterized by cottonseed oil cream formulation, texture is more soft. Easy to get started can draw a smooth liner, but also to create a soft, smoky effect. Contains the antioxidant vitamin E can prevent fine lines generated. Is written into the semi-circular thick, difficult to draw to the roots of the lashes, more suitable for a draw folds MM thick eyeliner. 

ANNA SUI Magic Colorful waterproof eyeliner 
ANNA SUI Eyeliner in this series the most famous pieces of red and purple, bright clear colors and more for 10 we choose. The texture is very soft and very easy to color, but also created an easy-halo makeup issues. It is proposed within the painted black eyeliner then add a layer of ANNA SUI Colorful eyeliner, then use a cotton swab lightly smudged, you can create a strong sense of color Eye level. 

Helena Rubinstein HR cheetah eyeliner
I am afraid of her beauty were selected, it must be one on the look on her gorgeous Leopard installed. This is a well-known of the cheetah and HR series of the same mascara eyeliner. Of course, this eyeliner for a beautiful appearance in addition to supporting the collection, the texture is supple, smooth and easy on her makeup is one of the characteristics. Extremely hard and soft moisturizing formula with medium nib, cartridge also contains a sparkling pearl particles, whether or hook line coloring, can help you create professional quality shiny eye makeup.

Shu Uemura eyeliner painted 
This eyeliner is Shu Uemura's flagship product, the new color of deep gold to break the dull. The most commonly used black models, not as obtrusive as other home jet black eyeliner, but with some light gray metallic luster, the color is very full. Soft texture, color easily, even the pen is very soft wood and does not harm the fragile eye skin. Has good water resistance, but when the remover is not very easy, you need to thin with a cotton swab dampened with a cleaning liquid remover a few times. 

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