Nicky Hilton's wardrobe look gorgeous

Nicky Hilton, designer, entrepreneur, with her unique talent and temperament from the aura of her sister Paris Hilton in Hollywood in this colorful and sensual pleasures, and to insist on doing their own low-key it is not easy.
Nicky and Paris have a different lifestyle, the swagger and Paris luxury, entertainment by nature different, Nicky has long-term stability of the handsome boyfriend, cause also has been good (with Samantha Thavasa handbag brand launch, set up his own clothing brand "Chick by Nicky Hilton", and Titan Group to launch jewelry line), from the gorgeous when she is not the cloakroom was full Dangdang can see what her taste, tight jeans, flat shoes or ballet classic high-heeled shoes, trimmed appropriately jacket, simple but elegant place with a generous Nicky Hilton is a favorite type of entertainment is not flashy, more like a ladylike elegance, luxury Paris Hilton had the experience of your crazy wardrobe, take a stroll Nicky Hilton taste wardrobe bar.

Nicky Hilton preference for high heels, favorite designer is Christian Louboutin, and Azzedine Alaia, the shoe can be seen from her is based on the brand of shoes are neatly arranged, of which there is a detail I do not know if you've noticed, Nicky's shoes cabinets deeper, every pair of shoes are arrayed one after, then it can clearly see the shoes, but also saves more space for storage of shoes, footwear incorporating a good way after all.

 Hilton jealousy envy hate to see gorgeous wardrobe
                                   Nicky Hilton preference for high heels
                                                  Low-key luxury
                                        Gorgeous shoes and clothes
                                          Gorgeous shoes and clothes
                                        See people get confused
                                                   Luxurious wardrobe
                                                           Cool jacket
                                                   Simple and elegant
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