Highly sought after designer Olsen sisters

 European and American fashion well-known fashion sisters Olsen Twins not only Hollywood film star, is leading the global fashion fashion vane, Olsen Twins in their own unique way of dress has become a fashion in the eyes of the Boho Chic, it is becoming today's young people sought after Fashion Icon.
Olsen Twins petite, but advocating a relaxed Boho Chic and Punk style, this distinctive style of the street, young people, by the favorable moment, on the network, there have been countless Olsen Twins on the street shooting, Olsen Twins quickly fashion vane, European and American fashion has a significant influence.

Today, this flower has four sisters clothing brand: The Row, Elizabeth and James, Textile Elizabeth and James, and Olsenboye, 2011 年 Olsen sisters get the most potential for 2011 CFDA Women's Designer nomination.

In 2003, Olsen Twins invited to the U.S. low-cost fashion design clothing brand Wal-Mart, 2006 Olsen Twins designers Badgley Mischka by the United States invited its brand as a spokesperson. Olsen Twins in 2006 launched the luxury brand The Row, by the circle of celebrities Gwyneth Paltrow, Penelope Cruz favorite, The Row is now a global brand sales network to reach more than 60. The Row's biggest feature is tailored by the composition of a single product, combines the unique design will not be out of date and high quality fabrics, the popular clothing brand The Row U.S. young people. Today, their high-end line has been extended to various other fashion items. 2009 Olsen Twins launch the young brand Elizabeth and James, Elizabeth and James the biggest feature is its "eclectic" - men and women to break the boundaries, the boundaries of modern and retro, Uptown and Downtown boundaries, high-end design and the boundaries of street fashion, to the most modern generation of young people's way of life. Elizabeth and James is very contemporary, The Row is more mature and sophisticated. From $ 40 T-shirt prices to $ 400 fur coat, Elizabeth and James is for those who only want to have from the hands of the designer clothing, but not too many young people to prepare the budget.

Fashion darling of the Olsen sisters already has two popular fashion line, but they still feel unsatisfied, the sisters in 2008 to challenge the new areas: fine jewelry. Olsen sisters partner is their best frequented by American jewelry designer Robert Lee Morris. To this collaboration, she visited two special Morris headquarters in Manhattan, from his previous design inspiration. The jewelry line will belong to high-end apparel brand under the name of Olsen Elizabeth and James, named Robert Lee Morris for Elizabethand James, one dagger necklaces, rings and earrings are square decorative memorable design.

Olsen sisters (Olsen Twins)'s own brand "The Row" has always been popular with young people m the country, "The Row" features the largest single product, tailored by the composition and integration of the unique design will not be obsolete with high quality fabrics. Beginning in 2009 the brand launched the twin stars of men's series, the price Biaoersen sisters (Olsen Twins) Another brand Elizabeth and James to be slightly higher.

Currently Elizabeth and James line of products including women's, men's, women's shoes, sunglasses and designer Robert Lee Morris and co-renowned jewelry line Robert Lee Morris for Elizabethand James. Elizabeth & James (Elizabeth and James) of the women mixed with men's draw comes from the simple and neat and vibrant style of sexy girls, and often even more special by adding sequins or material, to reflect the fresh take on fashion, men are In the classic profile of the material and find a balance between gorgeous.

The same year, the Olsen sisters (Olsen Twins) and L'Koral Group (with Seven for All Mankind and other brands of large companies) to launch a young family Elizabeth and James, the family name comes from their sister and brother. Each year, they both provide us with different styles of clothing line

• • Mary Kate Olsen (Mary-Kate Olsen) and Ashley • Olsen (Ashley Olsen) and JCPenney also cooperation from the fall 2010 women's start, they each inspired by different cities, they had New York and Los Angeles designed the dress style of the young, fall 2010, they will be in place in London, designed to make young girls sought after British style clothing.

Olsen sisters (Olsen Twins) playing "Creative" brand in 2010, two sisters, Elizabeth and James's own brand introduced a "joint" ring, ring shape is based on the shape of manpower made the finger joints. This section ring price $ 225, Rihanna (Rihanna) and Vanessa • Huggins (Vanessa Hudgens) and other stars all over it like.

Olsen Twins 2011 Olsen's own sister brand Olsenboye street style is designed specifically for young fashion brand group. Two sisters, active and energetic by the impact of clothing style, Olsenboye with a strong street style, casual, keeping up with fashion trends. I believe the future of fashion they both give us more creative works, let us look forward to two 24-year-old young designers now!

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