Bordelle 2011 Winter Series hard-edged

Model: Tatiana S

Photographer: Andreas Stavrinides

Stylist: Masha Mombelli

Makeup hair: Valeria Ferreira, Stelios Chondros

British designer Bordelle every year the best of their energies to attract the eye, whether you can afford, you are sure to watch the attention. Bordelle brand most prominent feature is a bold, alternative, highly provocative, creative, selection of unique, hand craft, while more limited production of only a few people making it sexy to get treasures, and therefore much sought after star ladies.

Put aside the hard-edged new series of autumn and winter 2011 Look Book is not short, if you watch carefully, you will find "flavors" of the work behind the elegant and ingenious design is the real attraction of the brand.

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