William couple diplomatic debut playing a bit to civilians Princess

William officially open the diplomatic door to the Royal couple, Prince William, his wife, Kate - Middleton visits abroad, "first show" attracted worldwide media attention. Princess of the performance of the civilian population how? Departure from the set of the British navy Roland Mouret dress had laid the perfect tone, the daily dress of tan lines shirt + narrow-leg pants ... ... and behind the scene are amazing! You how many points to play princess gave civilians do?
                                     Lace dress even more generous extravagance

Lace sexy + nude color = excellent Masanori
Lace sleeve dress elegant, season's most popular elements of interpretation of the head by Kate Princess. With nude colored handbags and high heels, both simple and low-key fashion and generous. Different from other royal families, the United States does not require too much gorgeous Kate exaggerated jewelry modification, she walked always approachable elegant line, but the fashion degree is just as impressive.

Details + dark gray = intellectual noble Fan
Gray dress shirt design simple and elegant models, dignified and generous selection of light gray, the skirt of the details of the design is very innovative, self-cultivation of the crop will show up Kate's beautiful curves. Light khaki handbag elegant, sexy high heels with a full gray leopard. Kate intellectual and romantic atmosphere will be fully exposed, so Princess can not help but praise.

Personality + Rose =Sweet fresh Fan
Red hat very interesting, eye-catching large red maple, white dress to play with contrast. Small fan-shaped red and white gold woven handbags are very beautiful, with a good head of small caps to form the echo. Kate sweet temperament will show the most, with her ​​trademark smile is very approachable.

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