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Prince William and Kate Middleton engagement civilian woman were celebrating the British people, the woman's beauty and temperament of civilians has become a hot topic; the late Princess Diana in the world have enjoyed a high popularity; Prince William lives in two very important women have become more people focused, to see their similarities and differences in dress on it.


Blue and black with

Princess Diana noble qualities the world's attention, and also the coming of Princess Diana chose the same blue and black, the difference is Princess Diana Duoliaoyifen intellectual, more than a charming Kate .

Elegant beige coat

British royal beige is always one of the most preferred colors, dignified and elegant, two chose the same fur hat, with a shrug designed for Princess Diana, Kate's beige coat also highlights the waist line, the two wear able to highlight their noble qualities.

Sexy lace dress
Lace year in power, it seems the trend is not only women who like fashion, is to grasp the trend of the royal family for great accuracy. The choice of two equally long sections of champagne lace dress, Princess Diana's sense of maturity and Kate's youthful version, so these two dresses are to play vividly.

Timeless black and white

Black and white is always the most solemn colors, but also with the least error-prone two colors, royal family will know the law. Princess Diana and the black and white dress uniform-style jacket, orthodox in very lovable with a naughty, Kate relative of Princess Diana's suit seems a lot more orthodox, coupled with the iconic hat, filling Princess atmosphere.

Red coat with black hat
Is a classic color combination, the two princess dress exactly the same way, had amazing. It can be seen from the black hat decorated with the British royal family preference for the head has been indispensable to the point where large royal dress hat is the essential thing.

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