Rare yellow diamond Tiffany jewelry collection series

Tiffany Tiffany & Co. Now released a new series of fine jewelry collection - yellow color diamond, this is undoubtedly the world's top jewelry history and a monument.

Diamond as the number of rare and extremely rare, there is only one diamond 10000 diamond, and this small number of diamond can not be achieved in large part still produced a rare yellow diamond in a world-renowned Tiffany & Co. The brand level. Known as one of the largest yellow diamonds, Tiffany Diamond makes the Tiffany & Co. Well-known brands and yellow diamond intimacy perfected, it weighs 128.54 kt, the pad design intent is to enlarge the color of the diamond, which kind of signature style has become the inspiration for the new diamond.

Tiffany Bezet is the new diamond series, highlights a particularly special, unique exterior design of this ring is based on a traditional style of stone setting disc seat is made, the central body is pear-shaped yellow diamond-cut shapes, heart-shaped, oval and cushion shaped, 18 carat gold embedded in the plate supporting the seat, can wear alone, but also stacked stacked high pyramid made ​​of fine jewelry treasures perfect.

In addition, another highly regarded series of diamonds is the Tiffany brand paid tribute to tradition, especially in the Yard production of Elsa Peretti's Diamonds, the first available three decades ago when it became a revolution in the field of jewelry of the works, its enduring classic design style, charming, the latest in this 18-carat pear-shaped yellow gold or Bai Jincheng diamond pendant care has also been reflected.

The quality of Tiffany diamonds distinguished March 7 this year's Academy Awards ceremony will be reflected on the Academy Award winning actress Kate Winslet was wearing a yellow Art Deco-style platinum diamond necklace, a pair of 10 kt Fancy yellow diamond earrings and a set of yellow diamond bracelet, these Tiffany jewelry for her elegance. One necklace inspired by Tiffany's archives, the main feature is composed of three parts of the pendant, including a 13.09 kt yellow color of the fresh weight of diamonds and the other two bright color about 6-carat yellow diamond.

Dazzling, ebullient precious diamond from Tiffany Gem Diamonds is located in the Ellendale diamond mine in Western Australia, and the only diamond mine diamond should be a jeweler Tiffany. Tiffany diamond mine is now and the signing of an agreement, agreed to Tiffany diamond mine in the whole economic life to enjoy the exclusive right to their color yellow diamonds.

"This agreement gives us an excellent opportunity, through the operation of a very rare color yellow diamond in the diamond industry to enhance our authority", Tiffany & Co. Executive Vice President Jon King said. "The series highlights the tradition of our design, its distinctive diamond inlaid base full of natural beauty and warm yellow tone."

The world's supply of the highest quality yellow diamonds, yellow diamond professional knowledge and maturity level of the multiple security technology, Tiffany is ready for the world's most beautiful people brought to the world's most beautiful jewelry.

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