Selection of hot swimsuit bikini beach

July 18, 2011 annual blazing beach swimsuit in Miami, not only the temperature of hot, but hot body and sexy models of the swimsuit. Thin, black beauty, sun, all to the hottest season of the year a pro beach and ready to go. Ready the first line of it? Miami swimsuit along with the pace to make their love for the sea journey to a sexy individuals have a big show.

Monochrome swimsuit is definitely not cute Smart, despite the small swimsuit with a cloth, but also large enough to heat wave point stripe in the above display. Anthropologie April of dark green background with yellow split swimsuit big wave, let the dark green background is no longer rigid, twelve phosphor color brighten the whole lower body waist design can effectively cover a small waist fat.

Black and white stripes at the beach look so bright and refreshing
Victoria's Secret's striped black and white swimsuit season reveals an active, black and white stripes at the beach look so bright and refreshing. Victoria's Secret has also joined in the white part of the small black dots. Self striped blue swimsuit to swimsuit part of the region is no longer monotonous, thin tape line out of two small knot to get cute bathing suits.
Short stature MM are to choose vertical stripes, while the body fat of the MM-wave point models are not suitable for selection.

Have to say that the Victoria's Secret sexy glamorous swimsuit on the large area can use Leopard's superb skill, or even the entire leopard swimsuit on the first show on. Bra style leopard design using color, in addition to sexy, or sexy. Make a purple piece styles look soft leopard remain in the former, another piece swimsuit semi-attached, bright spot is falling down to the chest at the tassels of beads, many swimsuit styles are not new.


You can also weave swimsuit
Ralph Lauren2011 years of swimwear will be woven skillfully applied to the swimsuit, in a simple swimsuit, also showed this has been low-key big technical virtuosity. This is obviously not as good as bikini swimwear as sexy, but obviously this is not the designer's mind, the lotus leaf collar style design will highlight conservative ladies have love for the sea's not it.
Compared piece swimsuit, hollow part of the more subtle cover up the embarrassment of a small pot.

Sauvage is clearly taking the sexy route, and who said to wear a bikini is sexy, and sometimes also want to cover the shame is sexy, do not go into deep V sexy, but it takes courage to V to the lower abdomen, and fortunately there are a few fine woven throws with the MM so do not worry about the risk emptied.

Swimwear show in Miami on, LSPACE by Monica Wise's swimsuit styles and fashion trends nowadays close, tassels, perspective, neon color blooming, also joined the belt swimsuit, a swimsuit in the upper body is clearly the gauze and swimsuit combined into one, large tulle around from behind to front, two chest in the middle with only small hooks, swimming estimate is unlikely, but added, when walking on the beach to create a beautiful and elegant feeling. The varying colors mostly achieved through bikini models, hot passion of the entire series of keywords.

Swimsuit selection tips:
1 plump person to select a design or a dark line of models.
2 sports bikini (for example, connected to the waist on both sides of the upper and lower hollow section) will look more slender.
3. Furu chest prone to big to select models such as the attention Bra complete coating on both sides of the chest.
4 straps are not too thick or too small for.
5 bandage wrapped around the neck breast shape manufacturing concentrate full effect.
6 Select the high saturation of the saturated color (for example, fluorescent pink), or large floral pattern with expansion effect (more than a radius of little, hibiscus, etc.).
7. Yebian decoration has breast function.
8 thick shoulder strap, the lower edge of the chest close to design a complete package while the chest will not look thin.

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